2 and a half year-old won't potty train!

Our girl is past the 2 1/2 year mark and is just not down to potty train. I can tell she is ready in some ways (wants her diapers changed asap) but we’re having a hard time transitioning. Don’t wanna force it before she’s ready, but worried I’m screwing her up if she wears diapers for too long.

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Chanda posted July 29, 2019

Well, we all screw our kids up somehow! Lol. In all seriousness though, don’t worry so much. Kids are ready at different times. Bribery works here, or making a game out of it. Give her a potty chart sticker, treats or another reward each time she tries the potty. Try underwear though vs. diapers so she’s aware when she has an accident, since she’s clearly starting to catch on (like wanting out of a dirty diaper). 0 Likes

Rebekah posted July 29, 2019

Consistency is key! Give her plenty of opportunities to succeed. In our daycare, we bring potty-ready-age kids to the toilet every 20 mins or so. This lessens the chance they’ll have an accident since they’re on the potty so much. Plus, the kids realize other kids are using the potty and follow their example. Does she go to daycare or spend time w/ a nanny? Make sure any one caring for her is consistent with this method and before you know it, voila! Potty trained. 1 Like

Trina posted July 31, 2019

I don't know if I was more motivated to potty train my daughter because there was a fee assessed through our day care or if I was tired of buying diapers, either way, I knew I had to get through this process as quickly as possible. I was instructed to go cold turkey and I did. I didn't buy any more pull-ups and I had to remain consistent running her to the bathroom every 20 minutes. I started this process during a long weekend when our day care was closed on a Monday which gave me more time at home to practice. I was truly surprised that it worked! We had a few expected accidents and over a short period of time, she got it! 0 Likes

Audrey posted August 13, 2019

Have a potty for her easily accessible, my daughter is 2.5 and we have had her trained a little over a month now. I still keep her little potty in the living room so it’s right there when she has to go. The first week I let her be naked on the bottom when we were home that helped a lot but be prepared for some accidents. We keep a potty in our trunk as well so when we go places I make her sit on it every time before going in a store or something. Also give rewards when she goes on the potty and distract her to sit on there, like read a quick book or I sometimes let my daughter watch her tablet. 0 Likes

Cynthia posted August 20, 2019

Well I like to start potty training at my daycare around 2 year old if the parents are in agreement to do it at home as well helps but you always know their ready when they stay dry longer and try to takes off their diaper all the time. 0 Likes