How do I encourage my toddler to be active?

What are some “active” playtime ideas I can do with our 4-year-old? We’re in an apartment without a yard, so ideally indoor-friendly unless we’re at the park. Want my son to start building good habits because his older brother is way too into video games.

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Sharelle posted July 22, 2019

Yoga is great for kids his age. It helps with balance, flexibility, focus and even mindfulness. Used to do yoga time at the preschool I taught at years ago. Now there are so many “classes” on YouTube. Google around and I bet you can find one for kids - at the least, one for beginners that you can guide him through. It has the same benefits for parents, too. :) 0 Likes

Nadine posted July 22, 2019

Two words: Obstacle. Course. My kids lost their minds over these back in the day. Know you prob have limited space in an apartment, but get creative. Throw in a cardboard box, or build a tunnel out of sheets and pillows. Set up safe things to climb over and under and throw in different rooms if you can. Just make clean up a group effort. 0 Likes

Liza posted July 22, 2019

Know a video game isn’t an ideal activity for kids, but when he does want to play video games like his big bro (and he WILL), try a physical activity-focused game that uses dance, sports, etc. Does you older son use games like this? Get them both off the couch. 0 Likes

Tracey posted July 30, 2019

One of the best ways to teach your kiddo the importance of being active is by leading by example! Try to build an indoor activity schedule that you can both enjoy, for example incorporate DVDs that gets your toddler excited to get up and move or dance. And when you are able to go out of the home and be active, you could sign up for some Mommy and Me classes or go for a walk in the park. This way it adds some variety and both of you can look forward to being active together - hopefully some of these ideas can help build some healthy habits! 0 Likes

Trina posted July 31, 2019

I have always kept busy with my daughter, filling our days with activities, play and adventure. We are not home bodies at all and when we are, we are always engaged in something that involves communication and fun. I rarely turn on the television unless the show incorporates age-appropriate learning. I'd say, get up and get out. Stay on the go with child friendly destinations where your toddler can dive into childhood. I now see that my daughter enjoys exploring the world around her and she loves staying active. 0 Likes

Diane posted August 8, 2023

I find music is helpful,they love to dance,bring in music instruments and scarfs,sticks bang to the beats 0 Likes