How do I teach my child not to use curse words?

I accidentally said a bad word in front of my 5 year old last week and now he won't stop repeating it. Any suggestions?

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Joanna posted November 25, 2019

We try really hard not to make a big deal about this. We found that the less we show negative attention tjey less they do it. 0 Likes

Wendy posted November 25, 2019

I completely agree - we had the same issue but we just ignored when our twins said it and they thought it was less and less funny over time. 0 Likes

Mavis posted December 3, 2019

You could let your child know that you made a mistake and said that word. Make it a teaching time. Let him know that sometimes we make mistakes and we have to apologize.Also you may tell him its not a good word to say. When our children notice that we also make mistakes and take responsibility for them, they open up more to us. It also helps them know they can always tell us when they mess up 0 Likes

Mavis posted December 3, 2019

Sorry I was just typing him without knowing whether your 5 year old is a boy or girl 0 Likes