How does part-time daycare work?

I’m a SAHM and I work remotely from home part-time. Now that my daughter is a toddler and very mobile, it’s hard to set aside uninterrupted work time. I also worry that she’s not getting enough social interaction with other kids. Should I consider part-time daycare? A nanny? I feel torn (and a bit guilty), but need to find a solution.

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Peggie posted January 13, 2020

Do NOT feel guilty. Just because you aren’t driving to an office doesn’t mean you aren’t really working or that you should magically have enough time to give to both your work and your daughter. Trying to juggle both at once could be a recipe for disaster and at a minimum, it’s not fair to either of you. If you’re concerned about social development, a daycare is the answer. Being around other kids and adults helps children socialize, develop self-confidence, learn positive behaviors and how to communicate their needs. 0 Likes

Tanya posted January 13, 2020

Depending on the options in your area, I’d also suggest a daycare vs. a nanny. There’s new research popping up showing that kids who go to daycare are better behaved than those cared for only at home. A nanny might be more convenient for your schedule and reduce travel time, drop-offs, etc., but IMO, you’re doing your daughter a disservice if she misses out on the socialization potential at daycare. Starting in a school-like environment early can also help reduce the separation anxiety that kids (and parents) often feel when diving straight into kindergarten. 0 Likes

Gabi posted January 13, 2020

Is your schedule at work predictable every day/week? If you bring on a nanny, consider that they come during consistent set hours, at least to some degree. The upside of a home daycare or daycare center is that these offer flexible hours. Build it around your schedule, drop off and pick up as needed. Don’t sweat the decision too much. You can always try a nanny for a year or so before enrolling your daughter in daycare or preschool. 0 Likes

Joanne posted January 14, 2020

At my daycare I have a child that does part time and she’s doing great! 0 Likes

Karen posted January 14, 2020

No need to feel guilty. Part-time daycare or preschool will be a great benefit to your daughter. She'll develop many skills in a group situation -- social, pre-academic, problem-solving, conflict resolution, etc. -- and have a great time meeting new friends! Definitely expect some separation anxiety (lots of good resources online about how to handle that). Signing up for consecutive days is recommended for young children because of their need for consistency and order. M, W, F can be like three Mondays. But she'll adapt to any schedule if it's the same each week. Good luck! 1 Like

Deborah posted February 19, 2020

Your child need to be in an environment for her to explore. Children start learning threw touch and taste. Find someone licensed your child will love you the more for doing what’s in her best interest. 1 Like

Jennifer posted July 11, 2023

How can I find work at a home daycare? Do I need some certificate anyone can advise? 0 Likes