Indoor playgrounds in Chicago area?

Our son has never ending energy, we are looking for an outdoor or indoor playground with lots of space in the Little Village, Chicago area. Thanks for the tips! This is going to be so so helpful for our family <3

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Martha posted December 16, 2019

Our favorite play area is called Sod Room. Once or twice a month they offer a free drop in and play time. Even if it isn't free this spot is pretty affordable and we love it! Watching our toddlers interact with older and younger kids was amazing! The best part of this indoor playground is the fact that it is all eco friendly and sustainable! Exposing your kids to the best will yield the best results. 1 Like

Frankie posted December 16, 2019

We highly suggest taking your kids to the Little Beans Cafe. They have tons of toys and imaginative play. They have an area for babies and an outdoor area with a nice little deck. We started taking our daughter Mariah to some dance classes they offer and she has now made a few friends. We highly suggest checking out this little playspace it's super cute! 1 Like