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Best Los Angeles camps for preschoolers!

Our kids are far apart in age at 3 and 10. Our oldest is making plans for summer camp, making it a very frequent topic around the house. Now our preschooler wants to go to camp, too. He’s obviously too young for overnight camps, but WDYT? Any local reccs? Part of me is excited about the alone time I’d get if I could sync up their camp schedules.

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Miriam posted July 8, 2019

I say go for it. There are lots of day camp drop-in options for kids under 5, although some of these are only offered for a half day. Paint Lab is pretty rad, an old friend teaches there - it’s in Santa Monica. Know they do art workshops, classes and both spring and summer camps. 0 Likes

Erenia posted July 8, 2019

For more active LOs - assuming your 3-year-old boy is anything like mine was at that age - you’ll probably prefer a camp that’s more activity-focused. Plus, this is more likely to tire them out! Check out the LA School of Gymnastics. They do tumbling for the younger crowd but serve kids of all ages. Maybe you can send both children there? Prob would be pretty life changing for your summer schedule to knock out drop off/pick up in one fell swoop. Alone time, party of ONE! 0 Likes

Susan posted July 16, 2019

Check out your local YMCA or LA Boys & Girls Club to see what kinds of summer day camps they offer. They usually offer a range of programs for different ages groups, all with different kinds of fun filled activities, and prices may vary based on your income or whether you are a member. 0 Likes