How do I choose the right Mommy & Me Class?

I think my little one is big enough now for a Mommy & Me class! I’m so excited to be able to get out and meet more moms! I’m totally new to this though and have a few questions. How do I find Mommy & Me classes, do I have to pay for them, and are there any that you are/have been a part of in the Irvine area that I should look into? TIA!

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Jenn posted January 6, 2020

Oh my gosh I swear I had the exact same questions when I started looking for my first mommy and me class! We ended up at Mom n Tot Orange County. I’ve made so many friends there, so glad I found it! You should definitely check it out!! 0 Likes

Natalie posted January 6, 2020

Not sure how close you are to the Mission Viejo area, but we used to go to the Mission Viejo Mommy and Me meetup group’s classes! Let me know if you have any other questions :) :) 1 Like

Deborah posted February 19, 2020

Check at the local library they have free classes for children. 1 Like