Tools for helping my child with fine motor skill development?

What are some easy to find tools or materials I can have handy to
help my child develop her Fine Motor Skills? Thanks mamas and dads!

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Jessica posted December 16, 2019

Some tools we keep handy are clothespins, children's beginner chopsticks, and different sized tweezers. We usually set up a challenge tray for our boys with small items, like pom poms or dry pasta, they can pick using these tools. Our younger son focuses on the process while strengthening his little hands and fingers while our older son is able to work on counting and simple addition. 0 Likes

Sasha posted December 16, 2019

It's great to have a bin with these types of items you can pull out and make activities or "games" out of at any time. Some things we keep in our fine motor bin are: spoons, eye droppers, glass beads, pom poms, hole puncher, scissors, paper, card stock, beans, bowls, vases, glass jars, corn kernels, seeds, and wind up toys. Set out the items of your choice on a tray or table and make it a fun game or challenge for your kids. As your kiddos start getting better at these games you can begin focussing on colors, counting, and patterns! 0 Likes

Shally posted December 19, 2019

In addition to Jessica and Sasha replied, I would provide them play dough and tool to play with it. Guide them to cut the paper, tear the paper and magazine. Trace the letter and number with holding over their hand, and let them trace on their own. Ask them to draw lines up and down, curvey lines and draw circle. 1 Like

Deborah posted February 19, 2020

Fine motor skills are built over time your provider must give the children several experiences to allow the child to build his skills. You can start building blocks, building LEGO’s. Scribbling art painting just to name a few. 1 Like