What are some educational toys to buy kiddos for Christmas?

Any ideas for educational Christmas presents? I want to make sure I buy some things for my kids that are actually productive, not just junk.

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Nidhi posted December 9, 2019

Last year the twins' grandmother bought them an art easel with paper, paint, and bins for storage. We added sponges, brushes, and stencils for the kids to practice academics as they create art. This was such a simple gift and it was surprising to find the kids really took to it. 0 Likes

Nana posted December 9, 2019

Blocks are always good for young kids. Depending on the age group you are shopping for, there are some really neat ones that are transparent called Magna Tiles that are really good for preschoolers. They can practice colors, shapes, patterns, and 3D design. Blocks help with brain development and encourage creativity; definitely great gift idea. 0 Likes

Regina posted December 10, 2019

I love they leap frog it have one for everyone,and also like they learn teddy ,and flash cards are still good to use 1 Like

Safan posted December 10, 2019

Wood, wood wood, is they way to go... Open ended play never get boring, if you dont want plain wooded toys try some of Malissa and Doug items 1 Like