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Indoor activities to keep the kids busy?

Hey providers, any ideas for indoor activities to keep the kids busy? I still have 6 kids at my home daycare and Iā€™m trying to stay creative and positive. Let me know what you guys are doing to keep the kids busy! TIA šŸ’•

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Ayako posted March 24, 2020

I been reading lots of books and we been playing hide n go seek together in the room that takes up lots of time and keeps them happy 0 Likes

Channel posted March 24, 2020

Make ice cream in a ziplock bag. It’s fun for all ages. Teachable moment: explain how the salt will lower the freezing point of the ice (science lesson for older children). The link for the steps can be found by google searching ice cream in a bag. The children love it and so do I šŸ˜Š have fun! 0 Likes

Channel posted March 24, 2020

Younger children would love sensory bags as well. Google search or try Pinterest to select your favorite. 0 Likes

Melissa posted March 30, 2020

I made some indoor snow.
it's super fun and keeps them busy.. freeze a box of baking soda.. 1 box is good for 2 kids
when you take out of freezer add water to the consistency you want.. easy to store in ziploc bags in freezer for later use

Monkeys posted March 31, 2020

I did a safari made Jeep with a cardboard encourage kids to do it too and count as art, Pinterest has how to make animals with balloons, a ziplock bag to pick up creatures and bugs and also as art class make zafari hat.
Kids love it and had sonó bicho fun

Shelly posted April 7, 2020

Vision boards are great time and talent ways to take up at least two hours..... going through magazines
Selection, conversations and creativity

Jeannine posted June 17, 2020

Painting and coloring and puzzle !! 0 Likes