Best toddler pajamas?

My kid is 2 years old and he only wants to wear PJs that are super hero themed! Super hero themed anything can get pricey after a while and I was wondering how I can convince him to choose other options for toddler pajamas?

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Laryssa posted July 19, 2019

My kid went through the same phase! What I found really helpful was that I began to buy plain clothes and did tie dye projects with him. Then he got really excited to wear them because he felt like he was the one who made them. Hope this helps! 0 Likes

Amber posted July 19, 2019

Hmm... Maybe try letting him choose to wear other clothes that aren't pajamas? Sometimes my kids wear their school clothes to sleep, and honestly, I live by "whatever works for them, works for me!". 0 Likes

Brooke posted August 13, 2019

Character PJ's can get pricey, especially if there is a new movie release, the pajamas and other marketing items hit the shelves immediately and of course, our kids want them. Try having a non-character themed pajama party, that could be fun and promote other pj options. Also, if your little one insists on super hero themed pj's, try Ross, DD's or Walmart for more affordable options. 0 Likes