3-Day Potty Training Tips!

Hey everyone! I am in desperate need of help for some quick 3 day potty training tips. I have seen so many articles on it and I think my son can do it but I just want to hear from personal experiences on whether it really works or not and how you did it! Articles can sometimes be very deceiving and I don't want to take their advice and then my son is traumatized to pee in the toilet!

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Jane posted August 12, 2019

I have never really found the 3 day tips helpful. I've had 2 kiddos and both times, I tried these tactics and it always took me longer. It may be that my kids just take longer to learn but proper training can take up to 2 weeks (maybe even longer). Although I think if you tried the tactics, you'd find them very helpful! I found that placing candy or cereal in the toilet definitely encouraged my kid to have fun while going! 0 Likes

Madison posted August 12, 2019

Here are some great tips I got from my sis who had a boy:

1) Walk your child to the toilet every 15-20 minutes ALL DAY long for 3 days straight.
2) Cut the consumption of liquids for those 3 days.
3) Stay home all 3 days straight so that routine is not shaken.
4) Finally, make it FUN!

Maggie posted August 15, 2019

I also agree that 3 days might not be enough, especially if child is not ready. What worked for my kids is to reward positive actions and celebrate every small accomplishment. 1 Like

Arax posted August 20, 2019

I’m in week two of the “three day potty training” lol! It works in the sense that he gets it. But he’s not telling me he has to go, and it’s still me that’s gotta watch him like a hawk to see if he puts his hand on it. If I miss it, he’ll piss it. The 3 day method I followed said: first check to see if they’re ready by not giving them any fluids 2 hours before bed and seeing if they wake up dry. If they’re dry they’re ready. Then throw away diapers together, and tell him how big he is and does need them anymore. Buy his favorite character undies and training potty. Give him a lot of fluids So he has more opportunities to get it right. Give a treat and do a big celebration when he pees in the potty. Anytime you catch him in the act, pick him up and take him to the potty and let him finish there. You gotta catch them every time. That’s your job for 72 hours straight. It’s tough the first two days then it clicks. He gets it. 1 Like