Train rides/activities for kids in Los Angeles?

For my twins’ first birthday, their auntie bought them a Thomas the Train set. They ignored it and wouldn’t play with it at all - until a few weeks ago when they became obsessed with it! Now all they talk about are trains. Trains, trains, trains! Where should an LA momma take her train-obsessed kiddos? We live on the edge of Burbank!

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Mara posted June 26, 2019

Two words: Travel Town! I passed it a million times before I had kids and never really understood it. It’s just a park with a bunch of old trains? Well… having kids changed things for me completely. Now I get it. It’s right outside of Burbank. They have dozens of antique trains that your kids (and you) can go inside of, and look at. I think they might have old cars, too, and there are lots of areas for picnics if you want to have lunch. There is a small train that takes you around the park, too, and a gift shop that any smart mom will avoid at all costs! No way to walk out of there without purchasing as much Thomas the Train merchandise as your little ones can carry. 1 Like

Annabelle posted June 26, 2019

The Los Angeles Live Steamers Railroad Museum is open on Sundays. They have a train you ride and lots of miniature city and train sets that the train takes you on a tour of. Not something I’d want to do a bunch of times, but definitely something for parents with kiddos who love trains to do at least once. Make sure to get there early! There tends to be a long line. 1 Like

Audrey posted July 2, 2019

Griffith Park has trains and by the pony rides there is a train ride as well. 1 Like