Toddler crying at daycare for no reason!

Hi I have a 20 month old daughter,
she is usually very good when she is home with me she doesn’t cry or misbehave often! She would only cry if she was hungry sleepy or frustrated!!
However When she goes to daycare she cries for no reason!! Recently her teacher told me that she has been crying / screaming all day and sometimes for no reason!! Her teacher said that it has been happening for several months now. I feel bad when I pick her up and she is crying and all the other kids are either playing or quietly watching tv… and also to top it off her provider let me know that she is not eating at the daycare.. so I would like some advice I’m a first time mom.. I’m not understanding why she is crying all day at daycare!! I cannot stay with her because I have to work because I’m living by myself and her dad and my all my family are in another state!! Please any suggestions on what i can do to stop her from crying at daycare? Any tips for getting her to eat more?? Has anyone else had this problem??

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Lusine posted December 14, 2021

This is called anxiety of separation. It will go away soon but also think maybe the day care she is attending is not right for her. Kids normally cry when there is lack of attention. She should find someone who could comfort her when you are not there next to her. Also if you make up your mind to change the day care, choose the one with less capacity with less amount of kids attending. Good luck! 0 Likes

Dove posted December 15, 2021

Many children do not eat much at childcare. This is partly because most child cares are on a federal program that requires them feed very healthy foods that they might not be used to. Another reason is many children don't want to eat when they are upset. i would ask your childcare how much training the staff have, what the child to provider ratio is, and if your daughter is receiving care from the same person every day. The lower the ratio, the better and having 1 person with a lot of training is best for 1 yr olds. 0 Likes

Patricia Ann Aisha posted December 15, 2021

I am here to help where are you located ? 0 Likes

Patricia Ann Aisha posted December 15, 2021

I provide child care in my home so I can support all the families out there that needs some help. 0 Likes

Marquette posted September 12, 2022

separation anxiety 0 Likes

Porsha posted July 8, 2023

my kids are the same but the daycares have said my kids are too much so I'm looking for someone with more patience and understanding they are Autistic 0 Likes