When should my child start using pull-ups?

I apologize in advance—I’m a first time mom. My son is 12 months old. When should I transition to a pull-up? Can you guys give me websites for references too?

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Cecilla posted June 16, 2021

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Lana posted June 17, 2021

Hello Momma! If you see signs thay your kiddo is ready to potty train, you can already switch to pulls up. ☺️

This is a good read:

Lana posted June 17, 2021

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Shally posted June 18, 2021

Hi mama, you need to see is your child is both physically and mentally ready for potty train. Physically mean you can see dry diapers after nap time and most of the time throughout the day. Mentally is your child’s willingness to sit on the potty. 0 Likes

Deborah posted July 17, 2021

Pulls is for potty training when the child ready then use them. Just putting a pull on a kid means nothing. 0 Likes

Denise posted July 31, 2021

anytime i can give you some contacts about my work and my personal i was a teacher in my country brazil and you can come visit me tomorrow so you don't get this normal feeling if you understand 0 Likes

Najma posted August 4, 2021

When and if the diaper becomes tight or uncomfortable. I started using pulls when my son diaper became a lil too small for him. 0 Likes

Monea posted August 6, 2021

Hi, don’t use pull ups move over to underwear. They don’t like the feeling of being wet. Get the plastic covers to place on top of the underwear 0 Likes

Dove posted April 13, 2023

I found a great resource for kids behavior, it’s called It has an article about potty training that you may find useful. 0 Likes