My daughter doesn’t want to talk!

My daughter will be 20 months this month and she understands and knows what we are saying to her but the words don’t want to come out. We talk to her and tell her to say words but nope nothing. She only says mom, banana and pata (foot in Spanish) today she did say ready but was saying Duddie. She gets frustrated when she can’t talk.

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Tessa posted June 17, 2021

Yes I'm having similar struggles with my son he is 20 months as well. I am getting him a speech therapist. Hopefully he starts talking soon 0 Likes

Shally posted June 18, 2021

Put your child in the family childcare. When other children are talking, she might want to say words and copy what’s she heard. She is probably developing language as you said “duddie” . Soon she will correct herself. 0 Likes

Melissa posted June 18, 2021

my daughter is the same. keep with haveing repetition. and sign laguage. also singg or mouth the words in slow motion to her or go like oooouut siiide. 0 Likes

Shobra posted June 19, 2021

My grand daughter was the same she went through speach therapist 0 Likes

Ms. Gaines posted June 20, 2021

Vanessa, if a child is learning multiple languages, deciphering between languages is sometimes a process. Also, some children take a longer time to speak. Yet, if your daughter doesn't want to speak, she most likely not ready. Shobra a speech pathologist is great, especially if it continues. 0 Likes

Ms. Mecka posted June 21, 2021

Hi Vanessa. Are you willing to enroll in childcare to help with her speech and socializing (when they are with other around the same age they will start to move along) without pressure.. also what area are you located 0 Likes

Ashwinee posted June 24, 2021

Hi Vanessa does you go to daycare or have older brothers and sisters 0 Likes

Morgan posted June 24, 2021

so first thing if there are two languages being spoken the home it will take your daughter a lot longer to talk than normal second thing if you have other children around it will take your child a little bit longer to talk just because the other kids are so entertaining and talk so much that she doesn't need to is what I was told about my children anyways by my doctor also every tile to different just give her time I think that if I had the age of you know two or three and she still doesn't say any words then I might be a little bit more concerned but right now I would honestly just give her time 0 Likes

Allie posted June 25, 2021

Sounds like your child is in a bilingual family learning/processing two languages. Our grandchild didn't speak till later as well but when he was ready he spoke the dominate language in the home yet understood English language as well. But for good measure, you may want to ask a speech therapist. 0 Likes

posted July 1, 2021

Hi Vanessa, you have to give her time she will talk when she is ready but in the meantime you have to keep repeating words to her and show her pictures so she can remember what the word means. My twins started talking around 2 &1/2 and at first I was saying the same thing, I was doing all I can and from no where they both started talking and now they don’t stop lol. Kids brains are like sponges so teach her all you can now. This is why daycare is important for her if she’s not in a daycare already because she will be around other kids and they will learn together. Education is very important and it’s important to start from young. Hope all goes well. If you located in Middletown NY you can contact me if you need a daycare. Hope all goes well. 0 Likes

Vanessa posted July 3, 2021

She’s in child care ladies and she loves going to daycare I know that I have to do my part as a parent and talk to her as much as I can. She is very smart for her age and is advanced from what her. Teachers tell me. I’m not worried I’ll wait till she’s ready! 😊 thank you for the advice 0 Likes

Elianet posted July 5, 2021

My daughter, now 27 months, was going through the exact same thing. Up until about 2 months ago that she started a new daycare with more kids her age, that she started saying at least 7 new words a week.
At the time, all I could was worry that she wasn’t repeating not one word back, however, we do speak mostly Spanish at home, some English and her previous daycare spoke mostly Farsi. And she was the only child attending. She understood everything we said and followed directions in each language but I’m sure it was a little too much for her so we chose to stick to Spanish for the moment.
I’m sure your little one will be talking in no time. ☺️

Dian posted July 15, 2021

just keep talking to her, keep giving her words and listen when she think you're not listening. you will find she can say a lot of words. Count going up-and-down this spears colors save the colors and spell them and then say the color after you spell it. Learning is everywhere just give her a lot of words. you will find when she don't think you're listening she will say them!!!😀 0 Likes

Tanish posted July 15, 2021

Hi, I went through the same with my 1st daughter. Every child is different and will progress differently however I’m not a fan of the wait and see game after having my 2nd child and watching how effortlessly she gained language. My 1st daughter had about 10 words at 21 months and I began speech therapy 22 months. She didn’t begin repeating words back to me until 27 months. She didn’t sing until 30 months. She just turned 3 and has made a lot of progress but because she started talking so late she’s behind and doesn’t manipulate language like her same aged peers. I’m enrolling her now in daycare to help mover her along but like I said, we’re playing catch up. My 16 month old combines words, sings songs, and repeats everything you say. If I would have had her first I would have known what typical language development looked like. I wasn’t aware that my 1st daughter had a delay and that her speech wasn’t progressing normally because everyone kept saying it will come. It was never a language serge with her and I should have never waited so long. 0 Likes

Regina posted July 23, 2021

Use music and see if that help get it did with a another child I had in daycare 0 Likes

Tibitha posted August 2, 2021

You can reach me at 404-518-0410 thank you. 0 Likes

Sara posted August 3, 2021

since she is bilingual I wouldn't be to worry unless it's been 6+ months since she began learning the second language. it's a good sign that she is reasoning to commands. 0 Likes

Kathryn posted August 4, 2021

Music always helps! "Super simple songs" on Youtube is a wonderful program that teaches through song . My son, who has high-functioning Autism, barely spoke at all until he was about 2 years old. Getting him diagnosed and also teaching through song helped him tremendously. After he started speaking, he practically taught himself to read. Hang in there and communicate with your little one very day face to face. Every child is unique, hang in there !! ❤ 0 Likes

Marina posted August 9, 2021

Early Start Teacher here! You can refer your daughter to Early Start through VMRC: (209) 473-0951. You can tell them that you have concerns about her speech and would like an assessment to see if she qualifies for services. If she qualifies, she would be assigned a teacher and a speech therapist to help with her language. 1 Like

Latima posted August 11, 2021

I have children in my daycare with the same issues, I have talk to my parents to see if what is they doing at home with talking to the child and if they are watching learning shows or are they reading to the child, if they are doing all these things reach out to infant and toddler program because they can really help & give you some practical ways that you help your child. 0 Likes

Cassandra posted October 26, 2021

Speak slowly and calm and only use language that will help build her language. In other words no baby talk. 0 Likes