Child swim schools in LA?

Does anyone know of any swim schools in Los Angeles? Summer is almost here and I want my little one to have a head start before we’re spending more time by the water! She’s totally afraid of going in the pool outside of our apartment right now.

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Hanna posted June 5, 2019

We took our twins to Water Whisperers in Woodland Hills. They didn’t know how to swim at all and were so afraid of the water, and now they’re like two little mermaids! 0 Likes

Nicole posted June 5, 2019

My family is in Culver City and our son went to Waterworks Swim School last summer! 4 yo was completely afraid of the water, but he loves it now. I told him we’d get some water toys once he learned how to hold his breath with the instructor - it helped him find some motivation :) 0 Likes

Antania posted July 2, 2019

West LA College has a swim class as well. 0 Likes
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