Where should we have my daughter's 1st birthday in LA?

I have a 10 month old and I’m starting to plan what we’ll be doing for her first birthday celebration. What have you done for little one’s birthday parties in LA? This is our first time!

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Molly posted June 5, 2019

My daughter had a unicorn birthday party with lots of balloons, bubble machines, and a rainbow birthday cake. Easy to put together, but all of the color made it look so bright and happy! I’ve also seen unicorn cupcake decorating at other birthday parties. That could be really cute! 0 Likes

Valeria posted June 5, 2019

My son had his birthday at MyGym. I think they have them all over the city! Super easy and they handled most everything! It’s indoors, so good for unpredictable weather. 0 Likes
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