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Outdoor activities for kids in Glendale?

My son has a ton of energy and I need to get him out of our tiny apartment or he’s going to start bouncing off the walls! Please help me find somewhere outdoors in the Glendale area where he (and I) can let off some steam!

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Melissa posted June 26, 2019

Oh my gosh - my daughter was exactly the same way! We’ve spent a lot of time at Descanso Gardens in La Cañada Flintridge over the years. Super close to Glendale! They have gardens, stunning tulips during tulip season, and they even have a little train that you can ride through the estate (a big hit with my kids). If you haven’t been there before, I’d definitely recommend it! 0 Likes

Amy posted June 26, 2019

We live pretty close to Glendale’s Fremont Park, so we go there most weekends. They have a big playground with benches around it and lots of visibility for parents, so you can relax a little bit! My son is four and he is learning to ride his bike right now, so we’re spending a lot of time there with it. 1 Like

Alice posted July 9, 2019

We recently went to the Glendale Heritage Garden and it's a family friendly place, with a play area, toddler play structure, and also has picnic table & benches with a lawn. Convenient for the whole family to go so parents can relax while watching the kids play! 1 Like