How do I tell my young kids that my husband and I are separating?

My husband and I are separating and our kids are 2.5 and 5. How do I share this with them when they’re so young?

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Lee posted June 13, 2019

That’s really difficult. I’m sorry if you’re having a hard time right now. My partner and I divorced when my children were 12 and 4, so I think I can understand your situation a little bit. Our oldest understood (and maybe even saw it coming), but with our little one we sat her down and told her that daddy was going to be getting a new home, and that she would get to visit him there on some weekends and that it would be fun for her to have two bedrooms. As she got a little bit older, we explained more and more gradually. 0 Likes

Denise posted June 13, 2019

My son’s best friend’s parents are divorced, and he has had playdates at both the mother and father’s houses, so that helped us explain things to him. We compared it to their family, and they don’t seem unhappy. If your kids don’t know any friends or cousins with divorced or separated parents, there are books, short cartoon films, and lots of YouTube videos that can help with explaining the situation. 0 Likes