Having a hard time with my child using the phone to watch videos

My daughter loves watching music videos of cocomelon and has a fuss when it’s time to eat. She points at the phone for me to turn on the music and I’m glad she finishes all her food but she hardly pays attention to me feed her or if I want her to eat on her own. I need advice on what I can do.

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Johanna posted April 20, 2021

It can be tough striking a balance between eating well and limiting screen time! Fortunately, there are many ways that you can reduce your child’s dependence on technology and prevent tech addiction, such as reducing screen time, setting firm limits and modeling responsible screen habits. You may want to try giving them 30 minutes of screen time before the meal with an additional bit of screen time after. This encourages family conversation and reinforces to children that technology is not used during mealtimes. 0 Likes

Carmen posted April 21, 2021

No matter what she going to cry when you take it away. and that's ok. I use an egg timer. I do 10 to 15 minute intervals. then we stop and physical say goodbye to the phone. and I put it to charge. so you have shown her 3 ways to let go of the phone. the timer the goodbye and putting in the charge. she will start to connect the dots. I'm also very verbal on time and place. maybe you do cocomelo time. so it's very specific. 😁 0 Likes

I posted April 29, 2021

Yes I would recommend you entertain her with your interaction with her as opposed to the screen time, she will be fine. 0 Likes

Vanessa posted April 30, 2021

Aww thanks ladies very informative and we have been working on the advice you ladies gave me and she’s doing way better! ♥️ 0 Likes

Amrin posted May 1, 2021

Teach her to sing with u without the screen 0 Likes

Lalique posted June 7, 2021

Stop playing coco melon for a few days and don’t let her watch it before meals 0 Likes