My baby does not enjoy her bath - any tips?

Bath time has been such a hassle and totally chaotic because my baby HATES it. What should I do? I bought bubbles and a ton of toys, but nothing seems to work...

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Saloni posted March 9, 2020

Try a shower or bathing together! Bathing together doubles as a bonding activity and by “shower” I mean we just use our little handheld sprayer. Liked it way more than a bath 1 Like

Nyisha posted March 9, 2020

Have you tried a bath pillow? Worked wonders for us. The cushion kind… not a rubber one. 1 Like

Preontey posted March 11, 2020

Hey mom Do bath toys play relaxing music 1 Like

Alexis posted March 24, 2020

If you have a tablet with a waterproof case place it in a holder or prop it of course away from the water and play music or simple songs on YouTube it works for my daughter keeps there attention off of the bathing process 0 Likes

Channel posted March 24, 2020

Let her play with water outside of the tub (sink) so she can see how fun it is to explore with water. Maybe she’ll have a change of heart. 0 Likes

Bethany posted April 16, 2020

Our son was like this, we tried l
Pouring the water over his hands so he could examine it and discover it wasn’t going to hurt him. If s/he won’t even get into the bath, try turning on the faucet and showing her the water there. It may take a little time and patience, but we now have a bath bug who LOVES the water and bath time.

Bethany posted May 1, 2020

Our kiddo hated it too, so the suggestion we received was to slowly pour lukewarm/cool water over his hands so he could see it wouldn’t hurt him. If she is so afraid of going over her hands even, just pour repeatedly in front of her/faucet and let her discover it herself. Once she does, she should open up to getting feet wet, arms, legs and eventually head and hair. Took a little time, but now our kiddo anxiously waits for his bath with gleeful anticipation. 0 Likes

Samantha posted June 16, 2020

Let the baby go in with little shoets and t shirt on. 0 Likes