Any advice for teaching children how to brush their teeth and develop good habits?

Mamas - my toddler is growing up and I want her to develop good habits! How do I teach her?

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Maureen posted February 24, 2020

Do it with them!! Whatever it is - brushing teeth, playing games, cleaning up - join in on the fun. Remember, we learn by example :) 0 Likes

Wendy posted February 24, 2020

Turn everything into a game. Classic kid advice, but it really works for them. Celebrate wins, acknowledge ‘losses’ and just have fun with it. When you think about it, we probably develop habits better this way as adults, too! 0 Likes

Janelle posted February 25, 2020

Good morning Mom, I would start by showing her the good habits... Such as brushing my in front and with her.. No matter how many times a day it takes... I would also start with a clean up routine and add a song to it as well... 1 Like

Vanessa posted February 25, 2020

Have your toddler see tour routine brushing your teeth and how much you enjoy it and why you do it so they understand the reason we should brush our teeth. Sometimes books or cartoon documentaries on teeth brushing is helpful. It gives them more of a visual on what’s left in our teeth when we don’t brush. 1 Like

Margaret posted February 25, 2020

It’s always good practice to brush with your toddler! Children often copy what the see😉 1 Like

Felecia posted February 28, 2020

I brush my 2 year olds teeth every morning. Our dentist said at 3, start doing it twice a day. He also said to do it at bed time, but there’s so much going on at night getting my other kids ready for bed. Make up a song, or find one. Kids love that stuff 0 Likes

Angela posted March 2, 2020

my son loved the banana teether toothbrush! and the yummy flavored toothpaste helped as well. I tell him it's brushing time with as much excitement I can muster and he gets excited to do it. 0 Likes

Deborah posted March 3, 2020

Use a timer and model appropriate practice 0 Likes

Bethany posted May 1, 2020

Try fun toothbrushes. My son has 3 now, a lightsaber one, a marvel vibrating one and a regular/super colorful one. We paired this with apple flavored safe to swallow toothpaste and now all I have to do is hold it up for him to gleefully brush. I did have to lead by example to actually brush and not just let him suck the toothpaste off though... lol 0 Likes