any success out there helping toddler to stop thumb sucking?

Mine is 21 mos and really only sucks while sleeping or upset/sick. I still worry as he already looks to be developing an overbite and want to start early. Ideas? Opinions? Should I just wait and see if he grows out of it or try to encourage him to stop?

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Alejandra posted February 25, 2020

my daughter did this for years - we even had ultrasounds that showed her sucking her thumb in my womb!! my boyfriend and i tried everything from the gel that makes her thumb taste bad (she still sucked it in her sleep) to bribing her with candies. the part about her sleeping made it the hardest because even if she didnt suck it during the day she would still automatically suck it when she went back to sleep that night since it was sucha . strong habit. BUT WE FINALLY figured it out. we wrapped her thumb in multiple band aids so that it was much bulkier and kept the bandaids fresh for like 10 days and that way when she went to sleep and went to suck it would be kind of rough and she stopped her habit! best of luck 2 Likes

Laine posted February 25, 2020

awesome! thank you Alejandra 0 Likes

Lillian posted June 19, 2020

Don’t worry about it. The more you say for her to stop the more she’ll want to do it. I’m sure she’ll outgrow it! A lot of children suck their thumb or a pacifier and they don’t end up with an overbite. 0 Likes