Is my child being bullied?

My kiddo is 4 and everyday she comes home and tells me that her "bestfriend" tells her she can't do things. I am scared that this may be bullying. I have talked to the child's mom briefly but she shrugs it off and laughs, says "it's just kids being kids". What should I do?

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Caitlin posted November 1, 2019

Some children do begin to learn certain habits at that age, and it can be early signs of bullying. I would say to remind your daughter that it's ok to say no and do things that she wants to do. Let her know that if she doesn't want to listen to someone, she does not need to. Have her suggest things to do instead of always letting her "bestfriend choose" 0 Likes

Shannon posted November 1, 2019

You can always address it with the teacher and have them keep an eye out for the specific situations, so you can better understand them. Then maybe tell your daughter to try and explore playing with others. If problems escalate where you are not comfortable, talk to the parent directly as well as the teachers. 0 Likes

Yvette posted November 4, 2019

I agree with both the answers above. Your daughter shouldn't feel put down by one of her friends, and if she does then it would be a good idea to have their teacher keep a closer eye on them. Since the teacher is present while they are interacting, the teacher can determine if there is any cause for concern. And if need be you and the other child's parent should set up a meeting with the teacher at school to see how your concerns can be addressed together. 0 Likes