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Traditional Birth vs. Water Birth?

Second time mom here! My oldest was born in a hospital, but I am considering delivering my next child through a water birth. Do any of you have experience with water births, and even better if you’ve experienced traditional births in a hospital, too. Thank you mommies!

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Nicole posted June 5, 2019

I looked into having a water birth when I was pregnant with my third child. It ultimately didn’t seem like it was for me. It interested me because it seemed like it would be more relaxing and intimate for our family, but I decided I didn’t want to go through it without all of the pain relief that the hospital provides for moms. I remembered how difficult it was even with the epidural, and then I realized there was no way I was going to put myself in a situation that made it even more difficult for me! 0 Likes

Lauren posted June 5, 2019

Our son was born last year and we had a water birth. I spent time getting to know our midwife before I gave birth, and so she felt more like a close friend. I’d say that finding the right person to help with your delivery is crucial. The water experience was much different than I expected. I felt much more calm than I expected. It was peaceful and I felt more at home than I think I would have in a hospital. I would definitely recommend looking into it! 0 Likes

Carrie posted June 12, 2019

I had a waterbirth! Sorry, nothing to compare it to as I’ve only had one. I felt very relaxed, the water kind of embraced me but also allowed for me to move easily on my own. The worst part of labor for me was backlabor, but that had nothing to do with the water. I was falling asleep between contractions on the edge of the tub (husband and doula were there the whole time so it wasn’t drowning hazard). I really liked that when my son was born, he kind of just floated up into my arms. He didn’t cry or anything. 0 Likes

Karen posted January 7, 2020

My water birth was amazing! I had calming zen music playing, would recommend. My kid I had with a natural birth isn't as advanced as my kid who I had in a water birth! 0 Likes