Thoughts on academics vs. hands-on play?

So my kiddo is 4 and I am wondering how strict I should be with academics? I hear that children learn best through hands on play and socialization, but I also want my kiddo to excel academically. I am scared of pressuring my child too much and them becoming resistant because of it.

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Eliza posted September 30, 2019

There's always a balance to everything. There are some children who truly thrive in a strict academic environment and others who cannot focus at all in an academic environment. Feel out what your child grasps the most and how he/she does it. Once you figure that out, you can most definitely start incorporating that into how you would like them to learn. 0 Likes

Patty posted September 30, 2019

I love the Montessori method. You should definitely check it out. There is a lot of focus on kids discovering things on their own and self educating. It's amazing to see what they learn when given the right resources, not everything has to be adult led/controlled! 0 Likes

Cynthia posted October 1, 2019

I have worked with both philosophies as a teacher and a Director. Honestly, there is benefit to both and the programs I have had as a Director utilize both in combination. The best of both worlds. Usually a theme based month and a letter of the week focus. Teachers plan an art lesson/curriculum for one small part of the activity time and the rest of the time they explore thematic based centers (fine motor, sensory, dramatic play, blocks). In addition, circle time is a powerful time to teach on both the theme and the concepts they are learning. This paired with individual assessments give teachers the information needed to plan and adapt their lesson plans and activities to help children grow and progress in their developmental milestones. 0 Likes

Shirley posted October 2, 2019

I have a 4 year old that attends an in-home daycare and I truly appreciate the daycare schedule that the Director has outlined. It's a mixture of academic and hands-on play and I agree it's really the best of both worlds! My little one had a tough time sharing a lot of his toys, but after attending daycare and making new friends, not only has his socialization skills improved immensely, he's also learning so much everyday academically! 0 Likes

Trinity posted October 11, 2019

I love finding a great way to incorporate academics through hands-on play. Children tend to be more engaged when they are able to experience learning in fun ways. Play-based academics also increases the attention span of children and they absorb and retain so much. 1 Like