He's a crib climber!! My 2 y.o keeps escaping

Hi moms! Looking for a recommendation 😊 my almost two year old keeps climbing out of his crib 🤦‍♀️ I have a standard crib and he is getting out with ease. What are your recommendations? Thank you !

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Jae posted February 21, 2020

Time to convert to toddler beds! My twins were easily escaping by 18/19 months. 0 Likes

Asante posted February 21, 2020

Put him in a regular bed! We turned my daughter’s crib into a daybed when she was 18 months old because she was climbing out, and she actually slept better after that. 0 Likes

Janelle posted February 25, 2020

Good morning Mom, I recommend that you turn it in to a toddler bed or buy a toddler bed... This right here is showing you that he's ready for a bed.. 1 Like

Brandi posted February 25, 2020

If the backside is higher than the frontside, flip that crib around and get some sleep. 0 Likes

Vanessa posted February 25, 2020

Time for a big boy bed! Buy a safety rail so he doesn’t roll off. Other than that he’s ready for a toddler bed 1 Like

Lora posted February 25, 2020

Hi, crib canopy 0 Likes

Adia posted February 26, 2020

Crib canopy sounds good especially if your trying to keep him in! Worrying if he will roam the home. 0 Likes

Heather posted March 17, 2020

Time for toddler bed 0 Likes

Aliza posted June 2, 2020

A toddler mattress and a safety rail. 0 Likes

Jayme posted September 29, 2021

then he's ready for a toddler bed 0 Likes