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Helpful criteria when searching for a pediatrician?

Hi mamas! My first is on the way and I have no idea where to start when it comes to looking for a pediatrician. What are some criteria that I should be on the lookout for that will help me find the right fit?!

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Cherie posted February 18, 2020

Hey mama! When it comes to searching for the right fit, research and “getting-to-know-you” visits were really helpful for my family. Most pediatricians offer those visits for free, and it allows you to meet the doc and ask questions. Good luck and be patient!! 0 Likes

Neha posted February 18, 2020

Word of mouth! Sometimes it’s hard to find someone who takes your insurance or has openings, but by asking around, you can usually find someone who will work for your family and take good care of your kiddo 😊 0 Likes

Lisa posted February 19, 2020

Asma, When choosing a doctor for your baby make sure you feel comfortable with the doctor.Ask friends, family or coworkers who they use! Set up appointments way before baby comes and sit down to talk. You will see that person alot so you need to feel their listening to you the parent. Checking who takes your insurance to before baby comes to see who you can see. And lastly liking the office staff. First impressions start when they answer the phone! You’ll have to deal with them a lot as well.Welcome to the Mommy club, best club in the world. Enjoy your baby 0 Likes

Deborah posted February 19, 2020

Years of experience first and foremost ask a friend if they like the doctor they use and why? 0 Likes