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Government subsidy accepted

I’m new to childcare and applying at places but I do have two sons and I do receive WIC and Calfresh. I want to apply to child cares but there to expensive for me. I do see how some say “government subsidy accepted” and was wondering if someone can explain what that is and how would I go about getting the help?

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Raquel posted January 9, 2021

You would need to apply directly to the goverment program in order to see if you qualify for free or reduced child care. In Kern County the program is called Community Connection, but all counties throughout CA have similar programs with different names. I would call *211 to ask for their local program or even your cal-fresh worker may be able to refer you. Best of luck. 0 Likes

Brooke posted January 9, 2021

Thank you very much for the information. I appreciate it! 0 Likes

Alicia posted January 9, 2021

go through calworks and talk to your case worker they will subsidize your child care while working or going to school and in some cases looking for work 0 Likes

Deborah posted January 11, 2021

You can apply at Riverside Office Of Education 0 Likes

Deidra posted January 14, 2021

Well calfresh also have a subsidy program. It help with paying for Daycare depending on age. Most childcare have they own subsidized program which u can fill out with the childcare of your choice. Just ask is they have 0 Likes

Marie posted January 24, 2021

Apply for Crystal Stairs 0 Likes

Karine posted January 25, 2021

You can apply for government program, but before you should find a childcare, because you need to provide them all information about the place you found it. For more information about that you can call (323) 202-0923 Karine , k&e childcare. 0 Likes

Heather posted January 27, 2021

Depending on where you’re located, different departments offer payment help.
In Texas, you would go through the Texas Workforce Commission.

Amrin posted March 7, 2021

Ccrc in San Fernando valley/LA county 0 Likes

LaTijera posted April 15, 2021

Hi Brooke did you receive the help that you needed? 0 Likes

Sobeida posted April 23, 2021

If you live in Westchester you can call at this number 914-761-3456 Ext 144 Child Care Council of Westchester they will assist you 0 Likes

Yolanda posted May 20, 2021

if you have a worker let her know u need a childcare referral. She will direct u to the subsidy program in your city 0 Likes

Latesha posted May 21, 2021

Where are you located 0 Likes

Neth posted July 28, 2021

You have to talk to your social worker on WIC or Calfresh they will walk you through how to get into childcare programs.
Me from Aneth Chan Family Daycare.