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Does anyone else hate the Ferber method?

Moms, am I the only one of us who HATES the Ferber method? I feel like an awful person and I feel so guilty sitting there while my daughter cries. Please tell me I’m not alone.

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Tammy posted June 17, 2019

My husband and I felt like monsters for letting our Lily just cry. But it actually worked and so we didn’t feel like monsters forever! Actually a bit of a fan of the CIO method because now she sleeps all the way through the night - and that means more sleep for mommy too! 0 Likes

Carla posted June 17, 2019

It was too much for me. I gave up after the second night. Ended up having a sleep specialist visit our home a few nights one week. She taught me how to create a cozy, relaxed nighttime environment that would help sleep set in. Took a little bit longer, but no endless crying! 0 Likes

Brittany posted July 2, 2019

Yes it goes against every natural instinct. Look into attachment parenting. Prolonged crying raises cortisol levels and the stress can alter the development of brain structures. No thanks! 1 Like

Brooke posted July 16, 2019

I am not a fan of it! It is very difficult to listen to your baby cry. When I thought I could really try to implement it, my daughter's pediatrician strongly urged against it. His concern was mainly that it could cause emotional issues and she could develop a hernia (if the duration was too lengthy). I just continued sleep deprived and nurtured my baby girl to ensure her needs were met. I don't remember how long it took for me to actually rest properly again, but it was definitely a celebratory time! 0 Likes

Deborah posted November 27, 2020

I absolutely do not believe a baby should be left toCry. In. Nature no species except maybe reptiles and non mammals abandon their babies or place them outside ofTheir den to sleep alone ferber methods are a product of society and bullshit 0 Likes

Deborah posted November 27, 2020

BTW I am a RN. NICU nurse 0 Likes

Deborah posted November 27, 2020

As a registered Nurse in Neonatal ICU this letting infants to cry is absolute abuse! Bullshit! Abnormal! Outrageous product of society conveniences and selfish parents. You bet I was tired but no way in hell would I allow my infant to cry it out! 0 Likes