How can we prevent my daughter from having potty accidents?

My Sammy keeps having accidents. She has been potty trained for over a year, but she tends to hold it in until the very last minute. That’s fine when we’re at home because she can run to the bathroom, but when we’re in the car or out in public it means lots of accidents. Help us out!

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Amy posted June 5, 2019

First off, make sure you’re using the bathroom preventatively. Ask her if she needs to go before you leave to go anywhere and ask her frequently. If she says she doesn’t need to go, you should probably still have her go! Also make sure that when you’re at home you’re reminding her not to hold it in. It becomes a habit. If she can make good habits of going before she’s about to have an accident at home, she’ll be more likely to do that in public. 1 Like

Traci posted June 5, 2019

Make sure your little girl is hydrated! If she is drinking enough water, she will go to the bathroom more times throughout the day. That means more practice at home and out in public. Our bodies also absorb water better, so your little one won’t need to pee so urgently after drinking it. Avoid sodas or juices that have more sugar and go through her really quickly when you are out in public. 0 Likes