Any advice for teaching children how to brush their teeth and develop good habits?

Mamas - my toddler is growing up and I want her to develop good habits! How do I teach her?

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Grace posted June 15, 2020

Do it with them!! Whatever it is - brushing teeth, playing games,, cleaning up - join in on the fun. Remember, we learn by example :) 0 Likes

Lisa posted June 15, 2020

Turn everything into a game. Classic kid advice, but it really works for them. Celebrate wins, acknowledge ‘losses’ and just have fun with it. When you think about it, we probably develop habits better this way as adults, too! 0 Likes

Tammy posted June 17, 2020

They sell timers that go off in different colors when they Are done brushing their teeth 0 Likes

Aliza posted June 17, 2020

My son loves to hold my electric toothbrush and his light up toothbrush. He doesn’t like having his teeth brushed but he likes to hold the brushes before and after. And we do our brushing together 0 Likes

Regina posted June 18, 2020

Sing song’s and show your teeth well doing it ,a lot of they daycare kids love it 0 Likes