When should I start taking my toddler to the dentist?

Hi, moms! My daughter’s first teeth are starting to come in and now I’m wondering when and how we’re supposed to start caring for her teeth! When do we start needing to brush her teeth? When should we take her to the dentist? Thank you!

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Sam posted July 2, 2019

Schedule a dentist appointment for about the 12 month old mark! Your dentist will give you lots of info on how to care for her teeth. Until then, you can brush her teeth with your finger and some water from the sink. All of our tap water has fluoride in it, and that’s good for teeth! 0 Likes

Victoria posted July 2, 2019

I started helping my son brush his teeth right around when he turned two. We bought him the tiniest little Monsters Inc. toothbrush and after a few months of brushing with just water, we introduced some baby toothpaste that was fluoride-free, in case he swallowed it! 1 Like

Ryan posted July 12, 2019

I was advised to take our child to the dentist as soon as his first tooth came out, which ended up being when he was around 13 months old. I was a little worried that he would be scared but his first dentist visit was a memorable one! He was curious about all the instruments, liked sitting in the dentist chair and enjoyed meeting all the staff. It also gave a chance for his dentist to do an initial examination to make sure everything was going fine, and it was reassuring for me as a parent to be able to ask questions about good oral hygiene. 0 Likes