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What should I do if my partner doesn’t want to be part of my baby’s life

My partner wants me to have an abortion but I do not feel comfortable with that. What should I say because we are both in a difficult situation at the moment?

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Destiny posted January 14, 2022

if you want to keep the baby, you should talk to your partner about it. Don't do something you don't want to just for someone else. Something like that especially. You could talk about adoption, or if you want to keep the baby, keep it! Depending on what your partner is like, be careful if you want to keep the baby around then or not. 1 Like

Michelle posted January 15, 2022

You have to do what you feel is best. If you have an abortion when you don't feel you should, could cause you a lot of mental distress. Talk with your partner and explain that you aren't comfortable with what he's asking of you. Talk with your family and friends as well, make sure your support system is there for you. Don't make a quick decision. If you decide that having the baby is best, but you don't feel that you can support a child, there is always adoption. I wish you the best, and I will keep you in my prayers 0 Likes

Felicity posted January 17, 2022

I'm In the same boat actually I recently found out I'm pregnant my partner and I are no longer together he had broken up with me cause of this BUT he still wants me to get an abortion which I will not be doing for my reasons. He still fights me about this but I plan on him signing his parenteral rights away and he won't need to worry about child support since he doesn't want to be part of the kids life. it's a different situation for everyone and honestly it's up to us to decide and it's hard since another human is involved I hope things goes well with you and you guys figure everything out and they accept your reasoning 0 Likes

Zakiya posted March 22, 2022

I’ll tel you what my mother told me. When you make that decision you have to know whether or not the father is involved that you are choosing to be responsible for all of your child’s needs. It is a very special but huge responsibility. I raised three without the fathers involvement and had some very very difficult times but I reminded myself that this was what I signed up for. Children can be raised by one parent but at some point that child will wonder why you did it alone. That’s another test of your strength you would face and I’ll tell you that part was the hardest. I wish you the best!! You’ll know what choice to make. Bless you! 0 Likes

Marina posted March 28, 2022

You always can put baby for adoption at birth 0 Likes

Marina posted March 28, 2022

It's up to you what do you want to do because you the one who caring baby for 9 months and not him 0 Likes

Jeanette posted April 5, 2022

a baby is always a blessing. 0 Likes

Susan posted June 16, 2022

Felicity I like how you are taking positive steps to protect you and your child rights. I understand it's not a happy place to be in when carrying a child . And for all who is in this present situation I am praying for you. Much ❤️ 0 Likes

Monica posted July 31, 2022

I was kinda in the same boat and I told my partner I'm keeping the baby and now we are 17w2d pregnant and we are so happy and in love with this child 0 Likes

Shantille posted August 1, 2022

I would keep my baby still and hope for the best 0 Likes

Zeinab posted November 18, 2022

Children are a blessing and I believe this baby choice you to be it’s mommy for a reason. It’s your decision but my advice would be if you want to keep it then keep it. After all it’s in inside you. Your body your choice. 0 Likes

Matt posted January 11, 2023

okay 0 Likes