3 year old won't stop hitting and won't listen

How do you get them to stop hitting and get them to listen. I am taking him to a behavioral therapist but unfortunately there is no opening until end of the month. Hoping they can give me suggestions on how to help him with the hitting issues. any suggestions I can try now will be very helpful.

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Mahsa posted August 26, 2021

Hello Christine
As a mom of 2 kids and a childcare provider I recommend to search more about positive reinforcement . There are a lot of useful articles about this subject that it can help you a lot.
Have a good day

Kristine posted August 27, 2021

Positive behavior support I would implement immediately. A positive reward system at home can really help. 0 Likes

Donna posted September 2, 2021

I would suggest you observe and see what is happening to make them want to hit you may notice something that can be changed and then go from there. 0 Likes

Regina posted September 7, 2021

Re-direct that Energy if you can put him in activities outside of they home are daycare make shore he get that energy out 0 Likes

Deborah posted September 10, 2021

Children hit for different reasons
the same goes with biting. Reaction can be the biggest reason they see your response so make it a teachable moment
Show the child soft touches by taking the hand and slowly rubbing the area he hit.
Give words on why we don’t hit because it hurts. Lastly if this doesn’t work give a time out children have to learn it not ok to hurt another person. Good luck!

Shirleen posted October 5, 2021

Try finding books to read at bed time on the subject. When the story is over ask open ending question about the book that may reveal the reason for his or her hitting . Questions like why do you think the person in person of main character in the story was hitting ? When do people hit? How do you think hitting makes people feel? Why do you think you hit? Ten be sure to share this information with your behavioral therapist.. I hope this helps .. is also a great resource. 0 Likes

Bonnie posted October 24, 2021

Patience guidance and understanding and love I was stopped there.GL 0 Likes

Cassandra posted October 26, 2021

Enroll your 3 year old at Crayola Kidz snd let our team handle that for you. 0 Likes

Ms. Nicole posted November 4, 2021

We do a ⭐️ chart . It focuses on Goid behavior vs. bad. It works for all ages and we get stuff from dollar tree etc.
They receive a star for listening and participation etc +3 stars = prize box item on Fridays .
A check mark removes a stat but they can still EARN it back with changed positive behaviors ! 🥳

Argelia posted November 8, 2021

Shalom shalom 0 Likes

Chelsea posted January 27, 2022

If their having episode of hitting ect. Talk to them, let them now hitting hurts and keep saying it over again everytime. like how much you hear MOM on any given day except you tell them it hurts.
Let them know if they continue to hit, you will walk away while reassuring them that once they breath and cool off you'll come right back and and start again.

Julianne posted February 28, 2022

Follow @ourmamavillage @babiesandbrains and @mommacusses on Instagram they have really good tips on responsive parenting. Unfortunately kids impulse reflex doesn’t end until around 5 so it’s a lot of redirecting the behavior and explaining why we don’t hit. My one year constantly hits one of our dogs and he thinks it’s funny and it’s already exhausting. So I tell home we don’t hit it hurts the dog and then distract him with another activity. Hope you’ll now you aren’t alone! They grow out of it eventually! 0 Likes

Daycee posted April 6, 2022

I used to watch three kids and the oldest was extremely hard. He’d tease and hit his siblings and try to intimidate me. What worked for me was, sitting him down and asking him what he was dealing with that day. So anytime he started to act up I’d sit with him and go over how we’re feeling. For example if he was excited we’d do something to get that excitement out, or if he was mad I’d do my best to help the situation and try to give another activity to do. After we worked on simple coping we made a system in which if he behaved, I’d bring him toys and special activities from home. Soon he was asking to help me clean the house and just became a very well behaved kid. 0 Likes

Chloé posted January 4, 2023

We/I do fake crying when kids have issues keeping their hands to themselves! It really shows them OUCH, that hurts! Most of the time, it straightens them out. The bigger of a cry, the better….make a little scene! Get mom involved haha. Just a thought. Always practice positive praise and never scold as “bad boy, etc etc” 0 Likes
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