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What are the best kid birthday parties you've been to?

Has anyone had any amazing children’s birthday parties in the Long Beach area? We didn’t throw a party for my son’s first birthday, and for his second birthday we had a little party at our home, but it was too stressful having it at home. This year I want to have it somewhere. Any ideas? Thank you so so much. I just have no clue where to even look!

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Vanessa posted January 6, 2020

My son developed a weird obsession with robots after we showed him some of the Star Wars movies, so we had his birthday party at Rolling Robots one year! He had little boy and little girl guests come and both seemed to really enjoy it! I’d check it out! 1 Like

Alexandra posted January 6, 2020

If you think your son is big enough for it, we’ve been to lots of good parties at Red Ball Funzone! They have lots of slides and they have a good birthday party package I think. Easy to plan and not too expensive. 0 Likes

Audrey posted January 7, 2020

Chuckee cheese or my gym 1 Like

Regina posted January 7, 2020

It depends what they weather like,I won’t to a party at splash water park last summer it was awesome,and my granddaughter had her birthday party at Scooter Jungle in El Segundo,they kids had a blast 1 Like