Rainy day activities?

The weather has been horrible recently and I’m looking for some fun indoor “rainy day” activities. Any ideas are appreciated!!

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Robin posted March 9, 2020

Arts and crafts are always my go-to, but we’ve been having a lot of fun baking together! Well, let’s face it, my 2 y.o can’t bake yet but he loves to help me mix things and play with any sort of batter or dough. 1 Like

Marnett posted March 9, 2020

Get creative with tape! You can make “tracks” or “roads” for cars along the floor, come up with races using lines of tape, have your kiddo make art using peeling tape. It’s so great because you can use it on all different types of surfaces. 0 Likes

Quintasha posted March 11, 2020

Weather in a jar would be a great craft to allow children to understand the change in season, temperature and weather. It’s hands on and fun, my daycare children loved it. 1 Like

Nelda posted March 13, 2020

Indoor crafts & art , music 🎵 time as well , movement will help reduce stress of been indoor . 1 Like

Narine posted March 14, 2020

we baked a cookies 🥰 0 Likes

Heather posted March 17, 2020

Make playdough, or bake something together, print coloring sheets, paint 1 Like