Online marketplace to buy used baby gear?

I’m looking to be more waste-conscious and buy mostly used baby gear for the little one! Are there any parents out there who have recommendations for where to buy quality secondhand goods? Thanks!

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Estafany posted February 5, 2020

Honestly, you can never go wrong on Craigslist! The only inconvenient thing about it is pick-up, but I’m always amazed by how much stuff is on there. Also, Facebook Marketplace and eBay! Same problem as Craigslist in terms of pick-up, but prices and variety of options are worth it. 0 Likes

Sabine posted February 5, 2020

recently started using Mercari and I’m obsessed! I found it easier to use than any of the other options and the delivery option was so nice. 0 Likes

Latoya posted February 6, 2020

Yes, I’ve been using Facebook Marketplace. Lots of items in good condition. You can always message the seller for up close pictures of the items and verify if the item is in fair, good, or great condition. 0 Likes

Cynthia posted February 6, 2020

I use Let go for almost all my children's needs for my own children as well as my business 0 Likes

Vibion Pullins posted February 6, 2020

I like to use OfferUp it's an app you can things in your area 0 Likes

LaDonna posted February 6, 2020

Amazon 0 Likes

Valjean posted February 9, 2020

Facebook and Nextdoor Neighbors they are good for used items. Nextdoor is a app you can connect with people in your neighborhood. 0 Likes

Kajal posted December 21, 2022

Savers 0 Likes