My 2 year old daughter is still crying after 1.5 mos in daycare

My baby girl is still crying after 1 and half month in daycare. Is this normal? When I drop her off in the daycare today, her teacher were playing with the other kids at the front yard. The moment when my daughter saw her teacher she became so panic and ran back to my car. I tried to grab her and put her back to school, she wouldn’t listen and try to escape while crying so hard. It was such a hard time to catch her and finally pass her to the teacher. I asked her to give me a reason why she hates school, she couldn’t explain. Do you guys have any experience on what happen or is this reallly normal? I want to do something to help in the transition. I tried talking to her a lot at home and tell her everybody love her at school but still doesn’t help…

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Patricia posted June 23, 2021

Hello I’m a child care provider , sometimes I do have some kids that they need more time adjusting to us …. But also depends on how many days she hopes to daycare and if it’s the same person all the time or if they change teacher a lot .. It depends on the child to…. But if you don’t feel comfortable try to switch her from daycare it my help . 0 Likes

Yesenia posted June 23, 2021

Hi 👋 I’m a ChildCare Provider and a Preschool Teacher, it is very important for every child to feel safe and comfortable in a DayCare. But for my experience children usually take 2 to 4 weeks to adjust in a new Daycare, and I recommend to bring the child often as possible. But you can also communicate with the child care provider to see what has been going on? Communication is an important key that Parents have to have with Teachers.
Hope this works 👍
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Morgan posted June 24, 2021

in all honesty I think what I might do is find a babysitter and leave her with a babysitter a couple times and see if he does the same thing with another person or if it's only that one person that she does it with and if it's only that one person she does it with it then I would obviously think that there's a reason why she's doing it but if she does it with something else then I would think that maybe she just wants to be with Mommy really bad so it would just mean you're doing a really good job not saying you're not already 0 Likes

Morgan posted June 24, 2021

by the way I'm not a child care provider or a teacher or I'm just another mom 0 Likes

Allie posted June 25, 2021

I'm a licensed home daycare provider. After 1.5 months I would think the child would have adjusted. She maybe trying to tell you something. There could be a child that picks on her or something else is going on like rough play or too strict of an environment. She should not be that terrified. Try another licensed home daycare for a few days & see how she does. Most daycares have a 30 day trial period. My opinion, and I'm not going to mince words remove her. The only way she can communicate is by crying & her response is telling you something is wrong. 2 Likes

Dorenda posted June 25, 2021

yes 0 Likes

Nicole posted June 26, 2021

Hello I’m a preschool teacher and child provider and I think all children get adjusted at different times, but if you have been working with the provider and been constant taking her to school saying your goodbyes the same, bringing something from home for your child to help feel more comfortable like favorite blanket, family picture, toy and still crying after 1.5 months it just might be the provider or assistant or even a child in care. I would consider looking into other options and finding a provider that works with children in social emotional. Best of luck to you and your little one. ♥️ 2 Likes

Yadira posted June 26, 2021

Move her to a different child care 1 Like

Portia posted June 27, 2021

not normal 1 Like

Joycelyn posted June 28, 2021

Sometimes it can take a month but if she’s cry’s 2 months in I’d seek other child care 1 Like

Joycelyn posted June 28, 2021

Kk hmm 0 Likes

Barbara Lynn posted June 28, 2021

Hi I am a provider for some kids it does take a while to adjust but when we cross that month and a half and the child hasn't adjusted I usually have a talk with the parent, things to consider 1. is ur child use to being with other kids , is ur child use to following mom around, is she the only child, is she use to rules, is she use to being told no, is she use to a structured environment or accustomed to a free will environment ? is the teacher free will or structured, you could also take a half day go to the daycare an observe without ur child to observe the providers teaching "style" which will also benefit u both in later years, consider even the teachers tone some children are turned off by stern voices if they are use to a soft nooooo opposed to a "no" and lastly watch your child at night time when she sleeps, has her patterns changed, if she doesn't sleep with u does she now want to, does she cry or toss in her sleep now. Hope this helps 1 Like

Kathrine posted June 30, 2021

I had a 2 year old that took 2 months to adjust she would cry all day and leach to mom dropping her off! Now she is so happy and does great and runs right now but if she isn’t here for a week or consistently she has a hard time! 0 Likes

Hodan posted June 30, 2021

Because your child and yourself are developed bond which you probably there’s no one else living with you besides your child, it’s very normal until child develop separation anxiety getting upset when parent tries to leave them with someone else’s which separation anxiety is a perfectly normal part of childhood development. Child is going through and having a few coping strategies ready can help both of you get through it 0 Likes

Kristen posted July 1, 2021

My son acted the same why at a local preschool. I got concerned by the why he was acting and he changed so much. I decided to show up early, unannounced, to the facility to watch him interact with the teachers. I found him in the back of the classroom crying and literally tied to a chair! the teachers would not let me get any closer and I called the local PD. Some children can get separation anxiety, but ALWAYS check up on them. 1 Like

posted July 1, 2021

Hi Kathy,
Sometimes it takes kids time to adjust but honestly, your daughter should have been in a comfortable stage at this point. As a daycare provider and having experience of doing social work for 14 years plus having children of my own I know how it is to have your child go to daycare and cry. My children cried for a few days and that’s it. It could be the environment, the daily routine, as a provider you have to make the children comfortable, happy, learn what they like and what triggers them. Where are you located if you do not mind me asking?

Latesha posted July 3, 2021

Hello, I’m a licensed child care provider and a preschool teacher and In my opinion, that is way too long the child should be taken out of that childcare as soon as possible, as parents and teachers we need to pay attention and close attention, try a different care provider as soon as possible 1 Like

Carol posted July 7, 2021

It may take her awhile to adjust! I would ask the teacher how she does once you leave! Just try to reassure her that she’s a big girl and she will be ok and give it some time and a try! I would also try to observe without her knowing you’re there! See it for yourself ! 0 Likes

Deborah posted July 7, 2021

That doesn’t sound normal the child shouldn’t still be crying after a month in care something is wrong l. Could be the child is strong will and wants just mommy.
I think I would leave her with someone else as some of the other people have stayed see how she responds? Believe the child’s actions how do you feel around the teacher what vibes are you getting? People are evil and can do means things to children I have worked with such individuals. The child don’t have the language skills to tell what happening.
A dog knows when it not liked. Protect your child he worth it
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Andrea posted July 9, 2021

I believe that is an absolute red flag. there is a reason your child is still crying. I would seek childcare elsewhere 1 Like

Karena posted July 9, 2021

Hi Kathy. My first question would be is, does your child attend daycare daily and consistently at the same time for drop off and pick up? Second, has your child ever been cared for by someone else or have they always been cared for at home? Some kids do take a while to adjust and it’s especially hard when they don’t come everyday. The routine must be the same everyday. Drop off, hugs and kisses and leave. It’s always harder when the parent is there or hangs around to watch them. You must always trust your momma instincts though. It doesn’t mean that something bad is happening at daycare. It may just be your child and the teacher don’t have a connection. 0 Likes

Susan posted July 10, 2021

Hi Karena , great point am a child care provider and I have a child who attends my daycare on the weekends for a year now. He is home with mom all week and he upsets the daycare by screaming and holding on to mom. I try to make it comfortable but she likes to hang around. So I decided to tape and send it to her. Unbelievable to see before she reaches out the subdivision he is singing laughing and happy mood. I am not comfortable with the behavior and am presently helping to find another provider for her. Sometimes we have to be sensitive to ourselves, the child and the parents and do what we believe is the best decision 0 Likes

Cindy posted July 12, 2021

I’ve had a child that do they same thing. Some kids just don’t like leaving parents. Have she always done that, from the being. 0 Likes

Cindy posted July 12, 2021

The beginning 0 Likes

Dian posted July 15, 2021

i would give her 2 more weeks, if still crying look for another daycare. just keeping it real! 0 Likes

Amrin posted July 20, 2021

It is about the space and comfort of child.. if child is attached to parent then parent leave her in a new environment with no prep for new space, children will attach harder to parent. Let’s say u have done that, child is prepped, emotionally ready to detach, you try two weeks of daycare 2-3 days out of the week.., with a short schedule.. child feels comfy with that., you increase the time. .see how that works. Childcare providers are under Covid-stress to mask children older than 2, clean and protect while providing high quality care which includes, meals, diaper changes for all those kids who require it, learning and play activity +cleanliness maintenance as per cdc Covid requirements. Maybe 🤔 the world 🌎 is going through a tough change and your child is reacting to stress that is around all of us. During the lockdown- how clingy did your tot get? Build up outside time with strangers slowly…feel out the they are ready to adapt 0 Likes

Amrin posted July 20, 2021

Also, do u feel front yard space was… adequate and met safety requirements? Gates/locks/supervision? If no, time to find a different space. 0 Likes

Guadalupe posted July 21, 2021

Sounds like you entered your child at daycare as a toddler. Some Toddler experience a sense of separation, and have a hard time adjusting to daycare, especially when they’re at daycare for part-time only. 0 Likes

Alicia posted July 22, 2021

i had a nephew who started at 18 months and cried everyday he got dropped of for 6 months. Is she crying all day or just at drop off? 0 Likes

Sousan posted July 26, 2021

Crying of children show that they are hungry, sleep or sick. I as a mother experience and child care provider I can figure what is the problem of child . Also the best way that we can make child healthy is the way of good maturation with home foods, good behavior and interesting environment. 0 Likes

Danielle posted August 2, 2021

It is very possible that your young one already associates the daycare with meaning mom is leaving me. 0 Likes

Sara posted August 3, 2021

I worked in a preschool and we had a child who cried but only when mom was there. During pick ups and drops off but she would be fine after the first hour. (mom said she never been in anyone else's care but hers). you can talk to the teachers and see if that's the case 0 Likes

Shahnaz posted August 5, 2021

Kids are very transparent. Those are warning signs to be taken seriously.
It take one day of departure distress to wear off, too persistent? Try one week!
You have to begging question why?
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Brionna posted August 7, 2021

Listen to your child that mean something is going on 0 Likes

Brionna posted August 7, 2021

Definitely warning signs 0 Likes

Rose posted August 10, 2021

I had a girl in my daycare who was like your kid because she was at home with her mom until 2 years old and she was very dependent, so she only wanted to spend time with her mom. That is the reason. 0 Likes

Regina posted August 12, 2021

Let her bring her stuff animals etc with her so she can feel better 0 Likes

Faranak posted August 15, 2021

Not normal 0 Likes

Anahit posted August 16, 2021

Hello, dear, I am a family child care provider. I think his supplier should hug him lovingly և show how happy she to see her.That is very important for kids. Maybe something happend between child and provider. Provider has to understand and fix that. 0 Likes

Robin posted September 10, 2021

I had a child in my child care like that, when parents leave they would scream to the top of their lungs. But I continue talking with them encouraging them it’s okay, eventually they stopped. I think it’s called separation anxiety 0 Likes

Emalie posted December 13, 2021

Your daughter might have separation anxiety 0 Likes

Liezl posted February 13, 2023

Hi I have a 3year old and he is crying everyday and he is knw 3year at the daycare. And it breaks my heart to see my child crying saying don't take me to school. I ask the teacher what is wrong. He was for a year but after that. He is crying everyday. 0 Likes

Elizabeth posted February 17, 2023 toddler daughter on the first day of daycare walked in and didn't cry..then the 2nd day she seen where we were going and she starred saying, no no..she bawled her eyes put and hugged me screaming for dear life...hence it's only been a week and when we go she starts crying and hugs me for dear life and doesn't want to go...she's 2 and we've been slowly working on potty training and yesterday's morning she got scared and said poo poo and sat down on her potty chair..she's never done that. After so She got ontop of the couch after getter dressed and said no bye bye and she usually loves bye-bye she didn't want to leave. But I ended up taking her and she seen the daycare and she helped me get her out without no fight but she started 😢 ing really bad and wouldn't let go...I know something is up because when went to pickher up yesterday my son heard her crying bad...and when she cries bad she has a little birth mark on her forehead and it gets red when she's been crying for a long time..but when she came out she had red marks on her face and her pants were white and noticeably yellow because of.poop and they didn't change her correctly and her diaper wedged in front and she had poop all over...all red flags...I'm taking her out and am looking for someone that can come and help me here while my son is here.I hate daycare so much.and she's traumatized. 0 Likes