Looking for the best parks in LA!

We’re living in the Crenshaw/Leimert Park area and are looking for some weekend activities for our son! Maybe parks? I feel like we don’t get much time outdoors lately.

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Doris posted July 3, 2019

I used to live right around there. A good, safe park my family visited a lot was Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area. It’s this absolutely beautiful park with a stunning view of the city. Like a little sanctuary that came out of nowhere! I think it’s a must-see for anyone in LA, but especially for those of us who have had the privilege of living so close! Don’t even listen to me, just look up some pictures. Breathtaking! I miss living nearby. 0 Likes

Carina posted July 3, 2019

Kiddie City in Leimart Park is a pretty easy go-to. It’s indoors and there are always lots of other kids there for my daughter to play with. She’s an only child and so we try to take her to places where she can interact with other kids her age. She’s been invited to a few birthday parties, there, too! 0 Likes

Adam posted August 13, 2019

It's a short drive for you but one weekend I would highly recommend going to Exposition Park! You'll find The California Science Center there and a variety of museums and attractions. Plenty of fun and exciting things you can explore together and a nice way to be out of the house. 0 Likes