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How do you like Pampers Overnight diapers for your little ones?

Pampers overnights are amazing! I think that they are very absorbent and definitely get the job done. But I was wondering if anyone has other options that they use that are cheaper? I'm trying to save money!

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Yuliana posted September 3, 2019

I find that the Target Up & Up brand diapers are decent. They also get the job done, but once in the blue moon, my kiddo will show discomfort. You should give them a try! 1 Like

Lillian posted September 3, 2019

Huggies diaperscan sometimes be a little cheaper and I personally like them more! If you Google coupons for these brands, you can usually find something! :) 1 Like

Jenny posted September 4, 2019

I also use the Target brand and they work great!! 0 Likes

Brooke posted September 12, 2019

I am a Huggies mommy! I know I use Huggies because my mother did, however I continued to use them because they work wonders. I have not had a problem with leakage and you can definitely find good online manufacturer coupons to help with the cost every now and then. 0 Likes