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How do I get my 2 year-old to talk more?

My little man just turned two and he doesn’t seem to be talking as much as the other kids his age that we know. The pediatrician said he’s a little behind. He speaks pretty often, just not in very long sentences. He mostly just says one or two words at a time. I’m going to start him in daycare this week, so hopefully being around other kids who are talking will help. Any advice for me on helping him talk a little more?

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Margaret posted June 5, 2019

Daycare sounds like a wonderful idea! He’ll start making friends and soon enough he’ll come home everyday repeating everything all of the other kids were saying. 0 Likes

Alejandro posted June 5, 2019

Something my wife and I did was narrate everything we did! “I’m going to make us breakfast now. Are you ready for breakfast? We’re going to have cereal and I’m going to have some orange juice and after breakfast we are going to…” I swear, I’ve never spoken so much in my life. But I think it helped a lot! Our toddler talks nonstop now. 0 Likes

Sharice posted June 5, 2019

Reading to your kiddo every night isn’t a bad idea! Nice for bonding, too! 0 Likes

Maggie posted July 14, 2019

Being around other kids at the daycare will be great for him to socialize and encourage him to speak more. I would sing songs to my little one and ask him to repeat after me all the time when he started talking. 0 Likes

Sarah posted January 8, 2022

My kiddo is about two now, and started speaking three languages around 18 months...and mostly all we did was talk to him. He is fluent in two languages, enough to ask for things and communicate, and he understands a third but that third one he doesn't speak as often because only one family member uses it exclusively. Speak to your kid lots, but also ask him a ton of questions. "Oh, what a beautiful yellow bulldozer! What is the bulldozer doing today?" Ask open questions, and when you get a response, ask more. If all he says back is, "Digging." ...try asking, "What kind of digging? What is he digging up?"...etc. If you are asked questions by your kiddo, explain thoroughly, too. Also, narrate what you are doing as if you were David Attenborough. Engage. Talk to him like he is a fully functioning small human, that you just need to figure out the right words for. He can understand the world is a sphere, truly..but you might have to tell him the world is like a big ball, with lots of water and some dirt and some trees. The more you talk to him, the more he will talk back. Singing is good, storytime is great, but day to day talking is really a bread and butter item. 0 Likes

Sarah posted January 8, 2022

Also, playing. If he allows you to play with his toys, you can "be" one of them and talk to the one he is holding. "Dump Truck wants to know if Bulldozer wants breakfast today? Did Bulldozer have breakfast yet?...What does Bulldozer want to eat?....Pancakes? Oh, my! Dump Truck loooooooves pancakes too! They are so fluffy and warm and delicious! They are Dump Truck's favorite! What about to drink? What is good for drinking if we are eating pancakes?" Make believe is fun....and also kids say some crazy things when playing. 🤣 0 Likes