Do I need to sterilize bottles and pacifiers after every single use?

Is it really necessary to sterilize bottles and pacifiers after every single use? Seems excessive but wanna keep things clean!

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Alejandra posted February 24, 2020

Short answer is no. Definitely sterilize everything after your baby is sick, but other than that, you can stick things in the dishwasher daily. 0 Likes

Michelle posted February 24, 2020

Honestly just use your best judgement but sterilizing bottles and pacifiers after every use becomes unrealistic very quickly! A regular clean is the norm. 1 Like

Janelle posted February 25, 2020

Good morning Mom, I would also say no to that as well... I would however sterilize at the end of every week... I also would change bottles every two months or earlier depending on the amount of I ger out of them.. 1 Like

Vanessa posted February 25, 2020

In short, no. Unless pacifiers are constantly being tossed on the outside ground or pets have gotten ahold of them. I agree with Michelle, use your best judgement. Every mom is different and if you feel the need, then go with what you feel. 1 Like

Patricia posted February 25, 2020

Yes! Specially for the first six months of child.
I always put bottles in dishwasher or hot water after cleaning.
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Felecia posted February 28, 2020

Not really. The dishwasher does for you. I usually wash the nipples separately, and put them on a towel and build a pyramid with them after washing and rinsing. I agree with the other comments. If it would make you feel better, get a sterilizer or boil them. For the first couple of years, babies immune systems are building. So, letting them put things in their mouths usually don’t hurt. Unless you’re my 2 year old walking around the house with a toothbrush, then another 2 year old takes it away...common cold passed on to the 2 year old that took it away. 🤦‍♀️ 0 Likes

Nelda posted March 6, 2020

I would recommend sterilizing at the end of day . 0 Likes

Carmen posted April 15, 2020

I have asked the doctor this same question for my own infant (currently 3 mo. old) since he had developed oral thrush soon after being born. He is doing a combination of both breastfeeding and baby formula. She recommended washing bottles and nipples with hot water and soap after each use and sterilize them at least once at the end of EACH day. She explained that yeast and germs are all around us; however, babies’ immune systems are immature still and that’s why it is important to keep their bottles clean and sterile as much as possible. And that I should be very diligent about keeping my own breasts clean and as dry as much as possible, too which to me made sense.
And yes. Raising a child is hard work! Hang in there :)

Aliza posted June 2, 2020

No just use hot water or the dishwasher. 0 Likes

Sarah posted January 8, 2022

If you do want to sterilize everything, it makes the most sense to do that the first few months of life, or if your kiddo was a premie...mostly because there's a LOT of prescriptions that can't be given to super tiny babies, and because they are missing a lot of their vaccinations, still. There are a ton of sanitizer machines online specifically for bottles and bottle parts, too, that you could get. Once you've cleaned a bottle, just toss it in there and let it sanitize. 0 Likes