Best Family Restaurants in North Hollywood?

Hey mommas! It’s going to be my husband’s birthday this month and I wanted to plan a family dinner for him at a restaurant near our house. We live in the North Hollywood area. What are some restaurants that you think would be kid-friendly enough to survive a dinner with my two kids under 4, but that would be nice enough for my hubby’s bday? Let me know! Thanks in advance!

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Malena posted October 7, 2019

This is something I always struggle with. Totally get you. My family loves going to the Pit Fire Oven Artisan pizza restaurant in NoHo! It’s a pretty happy medium as far as being good but also pretty laid back and kid friendly since it’s pizza! The staff there is nice too, so they’ll probably be pretty accommodating for any birthday needs you might have! Ooh and they have good drinks there too. 0 Likes

Barb posted October 7, 2019

We did brunch for my birthday a few years back and it was actually a lot more fun than dinner because the kids were more relaxed and it wasn’t too late at night. I think our favorite brunch spot in the neighborhood is EAT. They have some fancier things on the menu, but it’s brunch so they also have super kid friendly things like pancakes and waffles, and we all know that when the kids are happy everyone is happy. Highly recommend! Hopefully you guys have a great time!! 0 Likes

Holly posted October 9, 2019

We definitely love our Sunday family brunch and we always enjoy going to Tom's Famous Family Restaurant on Cahuenga Blvd! Family friendly, affordable, and plenty of diner classics to choose from. The kids usually order the french toast, hubby usually gets the breakfast burrito and I go for the omelette. It is in a kind of sketchy looking part of NoHo but we've only ever been for brunch and it's been fine. 0 Likes

Yvette posted November 4, 2019

We enjoy going to Mucho Mas on Burbank Blvd for family meals! It's family owned, has authentic Mexican food and a patio. The restaurant is also clean and the staff are always friendly and professional. 0 Likes