Whether it’s your first or you’re already a pro, newborns are a lot to handle! Discuss topics like breastfeeding, bedtime, and the right wearables to dress your infant in throughout the year.


Looking for a nanny position in Connecticut.

Hi! My name is Kendry, I live in West Haven, CT & I'm looking for a part-time or
full-time long-term nanny position live in or live out. I have about 3+ years of babysitting experience.
I've worked with the ages newborn-2 years, 2-5,5-10,10-15 years old so I have
plenty of experience with 3+ children at the same time. I am open to background
checks, as well as cameras in your house. I am a responsible and safe driver. I'm very
punctual, quick learner, reliable, multitasker, loyal, caring, loving, honest & a great communicator.

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Breastfeeding Issues

Has anyone had issues with their milk supply, I get 5 ounces my whole day at work from pumping, and she drinks 5 ounces every two hours, on the weekends when I'm home with her all day she'll start crying and rubbing her face on me when I "run out" and everyone says it's supply and demand but eventually ill give up after an hour or so and give her formula and she just chugs it down like she was starving to death. I know it can't magically be fixed but does anyone have recommendations of anything that actually helped them boost their milk supply that I could try?

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■ This is the satisfaction of the Sucking reflex: it appears before birth, disappears by 1.5-3 years (according to some studies, later). ⠀
🌿 If the baby constantly keeps his fingers or fists in his mouth, it should be applied to the breast more often or extend the feeding time. ⠀

■ Sucking, squeezing and looking at the fists and fingers - normal development of fine motor skills of a child in 2-4 months. ⠀

■ This is a way to have fun, escape from discomfort, or calm down. ⠀
🌿 Put your baby to your chest on demand, and when they get older, teach them to calm down in other ways: gently distract and occupy their hands, hug them, and speak their emotions. ⠀
❌ Prohibitions, punishments, and abrupt pulling of hands from the mouth can lead to neurotic reactions! ⠀

■ the child relieves Itching and pain in the gums when teething. ⠀
🌿 Keep rodents and teethers close to your little Nibbler. ⠀

■ this is how the baby learns the world. The baby's mouth is filled with a huge number of receptors, and the lips and tongue are the most sensitive parts of the newborn's body. At 6-7 months, the child begins to use his tongue and lips confidently. To understand the world, the baby literally needs to feel the taste. ⠀
❌ In this regard, constant sucking of the nipple can interfere with this process. ⠀
❌ Strictly prohibit the child from taking objects in his mouth - inhibit research and development. ⠀

■ the child's immune System gets acquainted with the useful and harmful bacteria that fill the world around them. This happens during breastfeeding, when the mother's milk protects the baby from many dangers. ⠀

❗ ️ When to worry and contact a specialist: ⠀
📍 a child over 3 years old and sucking a finger is the only way To calm down or relieve tension. Perhaps your child lacks attention and emotional connection to you, or problems in the entire family system contribute to this.

The habit faded and suddenly reappeared. Your child may have experienced an emotional shock that triggered such a response from the nervous system.

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My baby keeps rolling while she sleeps!

My baby is 7 mos and she started rolling onto her belly and it's really freaking me out! What did you use to stop your baby from rolling? Should I just go in and try to roll her back?

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How to introduce a newborn to a dog?

I'm pregnant and we're expecting our first baby soon, we have a large dog and are worried about how he's going to do with her. How did you introduce your baby to your dog? I'm really nervous!

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What kinds of questions do you ask when you’re touring daycares?

I’m starting to search for childcare for my first baby and would love to hear what kinds of questions I should be asking as I tour different daycares. Thx!

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Any moms have experience with frustration while breastfeeding?

Ugh..I really want to breastfeed my newborn, but it’s been so stresful!! She has trouble latching, and I just get so frustrated I feel like giving it up and switching to formula. Any tips?

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When will I start to feel like myself again?

So, the baby is now 3 months old and my partner is back at work full-time. Now that I’m by myself with her, I am noticing how I still really don’t feel like myself. Is this normal? When will I?

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How long do you let your baby cry before picking them up?

Who else is struggling with this? Do I use the cry it out method for sleep training? What works? Help!!

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Best app for tracking an infant's feeding, diaper, and pumping schedule?

Parents! I have an infant and my husband and I are trying to figure out what app to use to track his feedings, diapers, pumping etc. Any suggestions?

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