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Welcome !

Hello mommies and daddies ! My name is Alexia and I have had experience with children from the ages 0-13 for about 10 years now . I studied child development classes in college and also have a 4 year old daughter of myself . I am available Monday-Sunday from 8am-11pm
I will accommodate to those who need it ! I love including singing , dancing & a lot of self expression . I also help with post partum services ! Cannot wait to work with you!

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Naomi posted April 8, 2022

Hello Alexia, are you in the DC area? Do you drive? 1 Like

Alexia posted April 8, 2022

Good Morning Naomi ! Unfortunately I reside in Palmdale, CA 0 Likes

Alexia posted April 8, 2022

So sorry I couldn’t help 😞 0 Likes