Get covered childcare during military training!
Military Childcare Assistance

Slots open for 1- 2 yrs old children

Hello There, my name is Karla, a child care provider with 20 yrs of experience.
I do have openings at the moment. Please, let me know if you are still looking for care and we could set up a time for an interview/ tour.
Operation hours and days:
7am - 5pm
Bilingual Program
Meals included in tuition.

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Karla posted June 28, 2023

Lacey/ WA area. 0 Likes

Josefina posted June 28, 2023

Hi! I would love to talk further about your childcare. My daughter is 2 years old and I need care starting on July. Thanks! 1 Like

Karla posted June 28, 2023

Absolutely Josefina. You can text me on WeeCare 0 Likes