Hello parents! I’m Jenna and I am currently located in Staten Island, NY. I am a college student pursuing BS/MA in Industrial Psychology and am in my second year at Fairleigh Dickinson University. I love working with children and have since I was 14 years old. Some of my hobbies are listening to music, watching Disney, and exercising. I care for my younger sister and my two nephews (5 and 7). I have tutoring experience, and I love animals so I am very open to also taking care of your furry friends! :) I love bonding with children and believe that forming a trusting relationship is very important. I am very patient, and am willing to work through any behavioral issues that may come up as well. My mother is a Speech Pathologist in Special Education, and I have been around her clients and in her work environment as well. I have availability on Wednesday’s 7am-2pm and Friday’s 7am-2pm. I am also free Tuesday’s after 4pm and Thursday’s after 4pm. I hope to hear from you soon! :)

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