Seeking baby sitter for 6 month old boy

I need roughly 15 hours a week however I'm a real estate agent and need lots of flexibility and short notice. is anyone available and ok with that arrangement?

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Kathleen posted April 13, 2022

I'm in Rochester NY 0 Likes

Tieaunnia posted April 13, 2022

Hi Kathleen , how precious I would love be a help friday would be my longest day I could assist along with anytime after 5pm during the week once work is over for me 0 Likes

Hind posted April 13, 2022

Hello! Is it possible that we can discuss more details on the schedule? 0 Likes

Keara posted April 13, 2022

Hello I am available 0 Likes

Kaelyn posted April 13, 2022

Hi - I'm available! 0 Likes

Ana posted April 15, 2022

I'm available on weekends 0 Likes